Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holidays at Terrain

Mission accomplished!!! I managed to visit Terrain at Styer's Farm once each season in 2011. Yay me! I just love everything Terrain. The nursery selection, all of the unique home decor merchandise in the retail store, and the cafe is delicious. I love all of the little details. I think that's what really draws me detail is left undone. Every time you turn a corner you find another lovely vignette of natural materials used in beautiful and creative ways. I posted about my visit in the Spring, Summer, and Fall this year. So without further ado, here are photos from December 3, 2011 of Terrain in all of its holiday glory...

Every tree was perfect.

I love the cedar garland under the roof eaves. It's like green icicles.
I couldn't stop taking photos of this window.

I love the natural cotton they incorporated into some of the decorations. It seems to be the hot item right now!

I love the monotone colors in this cookie and baking themed display. I love color coordinated displays!!!!!

I also really love the jingle bell garland.
This is a really neat DIY chandelier made out of wreck canning jars and draped with cotton "snow".

One of the many, really cute, mini dioramas made out of holiday decorations and live materials. 

This was my favorite tree. Maybe it's the Southern girl in me who is drawn to the cotton!

Don't you want to knock on the door to see if you can come in and sit by the fire?
Needless to say, it was hard not to return home and re-do all of my Christmas decorations. I had to buy something while I was there (and I did buy lots of other stuff) to add into what I already had going on at home, so I just added something white to the dining room:

And, just for fun, I put together these really quick desktop wallpapers from my Terrain photos. Merry Christmas!

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