Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry NYC!

I had the pleasure of taking a quick trip to NYC over this past weekend. I was only there for a little over 24 hours, but I covered as much ground as I could! I did check out a few new places, in addition to my usual haunts. I always stop by Fishs Eddy, Century 21 (I went to both the original store downtown and the new one near Lincoln Center), and Strand bookstore. I took a few trips to other places I haven't visited in awhile, like Jamali Garden in the Flower District, where you can find anything you could ever need to decorate for the holidays (or any other reason/season). Here are some photos I snapped with my iphone:

 I spent way too much time at the Bowery Kitchen Supply store in Chelsea Market, mostly talking myself out of buying tons of pots and pans that I'd have to lug around the the city for the rest of the day.

I did check out a few new places too. If you've never been to the B&H Photo store (I've ordered online from them for the past 10 years), you should go...if for no other reason than to check out the Willy Wonka-style operation in place once you step inside the doors. It's possible that B&H has the best and most efficient customer service of any retail location in Manhattan (outside of some of the luxury retailers on 5th Avenue). I also went to the Doughnut Plant, which has finally opened a location within a short walk of a subway stop. There is little I can say to truly describe how delicious the doughnuts are at the Doughnut Plant. They have the standard flavors that you might expect, and then they roll out seasonal varieties like gingerbread and pumpkin in the fall/winter. They are fresh and are lightly coated with a delicious glaze, some that even ooze with cream cheese or chocolate when you bite into the cake. They're not your typical filled doughnuts.

I also tried a new pizza place called Forcella, located on Bowery near the western edge of the East Village. I learned all I needed to know about this place after I read the word "fryolator" in the review in New York Magazine. I went with the friends, who I was staying with on this trip, and we shared one of the fried pizzas, the standard margherita pizza, the bruschette, and the meatballs. And then we hauled our stuffed selves to Milk Bar for dessert. Good thing I spend lots of time walking when I'm in NYC.

The brick oven at Forcella.
The Montanara Pizze Fritte at Forcella. A gorgeous fried pizza.
I also finally made it to the hipster mecca that is the Stumptown cafe in the Ace Hotel.
Stumptown in the Ace Hotel.
My cappuccino at Stumptown.
It was a great trip, and as always way too short. Here are the rest of my photos from my strolls around the city:
The famous Chelsea Hotel, which is the site of the new Doughnut Plant location.

I had the Blackout and the Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Fun details inside the Doughnut Plant.

A "Christmas Tree" in the Chelsea Market.

Chelsea Market
Near Astor Place.

Grace Church. From this angle you would never guess this little church is in the middle of the city.
The Lady Gaga window displays at Barney's.

The Plaza.
Times Square...looks like an alien invasion down there--which is why I usually avoid it altogether.
Columbus Circle.
The New Yorker Hotel.
The Ace Hotel.

The Flatiron of my all time favorites.
Art installation in the front windows of the Flatiron Building.

My other favorite building, the Chrysler Building.

Rockefeller Center.
The iconic Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.


Candy said...

Awesome photos! Love the gas/water can tree.

Lisa Schipritt said...

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!