Monday, October 3, 2011

A whole lot like autumn

I stopped by Terrain on Saturday. Terrain! Terrain! Terrain! Oh yes, Terrain! I'll spare you any additional drivel on my end, and let you just enjoy the photos and all the inspiration. I seriously need to kick things up around here. I mean, did you see my last post? I've got to do better than that.

I need some black lilirope to replace my lame green variety out front.

"Garden to go". That's cute. What are you going to pull it around behind you all day? Hmmm. What's wrong with that? Good exercise I suppose.

Cute corn husk bunting/garland!

I love how they had this totally unsupervised fire pit going and ALL the children were gathered around it.

Just don't get too close to the fire with one of those spiffy $100 blankets.

The ladies from Brown Betty in Philadelphia had set up a pop up shop in the garden with some of their fantastic cupcakes.

See those pumpkins? They sell them for about $1 million at Terrain. Well, not really that much, but close. I wonder if I could make them myself? 

Henry enjoying a pumpkin cupcake with spiced cream cheese frosting.

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duchessofginger said...

Guess I'll have to take a trip up to Terrain to get some white pumpkins.Oh darn..........