Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I finally made it to Terrain at Styer's Farm this weekend!!!!! It was fantastic. It's a lovely, lovely place. Mossy and natural. Open and light. Beautiful displays of interesting plants and home goods. Unique pots and containers for plants. You feel as if you've landed inside an enormous English conservatory.

I heard about it when it opened a few years ago...I think in an article in Domino Magazine. I'm not exactly sure why it has taken me this long to get up there but I finally did and it was definitely worth the hour or so drive. I am hoping to go back in a month or so when things are in bloom. I love all the little details on the exterior of the buildings. And all of the creative ways plants and other objects are displayed for sale, or decoration. It's just gorgeous. I can't wait to go back and take more photos! Ooo, and eat at the cafe. And buy a few more neat things!!

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