Friday, July 29, 2011

An afternoon in DC

We live close enough to Washington, DC that we can drive down for an afternoon visit. That's a good thing, because with a toddler an afternoon trip anywhere is really about all you can withstand. I want to continue to expose Henry to urban places, even though it's a little bit harder to do with all the stuff I have to lug around, keeping him in the stroller (not jumping off the sidewalk into traffic), and finding places that you can get a stroller into whether it is shopping, dining, or going to something like a museum. We took Henry to NYC last Spring, but he wasn't really mobile yet. I'm hoping to get back to NYC with him sometime this Fall (dare to dream!!!!!!).

We had a great time, despite the insane heat, in Georgetown. I needed to run in Paper Source and we had a little snack at Le Pain Quotidien, which is a very child-friendly place. The staff were very nice and helpful when we needed it, and they have Henry's favorite food: bread. We also discovered that he prefers to eat their insanely delicious Brunette spread straight up and off his fingers.

Georgetown is also good for small kids because there are little neighborhood parks where you can stop with the little one for insane-apoolza. Henry had fun at little this little playground near Olive Street and ran out the rest of his energy before he took a little afternoon nap in the truck as we drove over toward the National Mall.

I love Hill Country BBQ in NYC (I'm probably the only person who goes to NYC and looks forward to eating bbq) and their spin off, Hill Country Chicken. I have been very excited to try out Hill Country BBQ DC (Penn Quarter, just a few blocks north of the National Mall). It's also a fantastic place to go (either location) if you have a kid in a stroller. It didn't disappoint. The food is insane! The pork ribs (and I don't even really eat that much meat) taste like BACON. And the sides. Dear lordy, don't even get me started on the sides.

But it's the dessert that got me this time....specifically their sweet potato bread pudding. Don't worry internets, I've already started pinning some recipes. It's going to happen. VERY soon.

After dinner, we strolled around the Mall and popped into the Smithsonian National History Museum. The little one was getting pretty tired, so we stayed in the land of bones and rocks and such for a short time before we headed over to the little pool by the art museum where everyone was cooling their heels a bit. It was a great little trip and I can't wait to get Henry back down there soon to ride the Metro. He's going to LOVE the Metro.

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