Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miss Shirley comes to town!

So finally, Towson, the COUNTY SEAT of Baltimore County (you know, supposedly the place with all the action?) is finally starting to see some of the local food truck action. Last year the Iced Gems cupcake truck was here but then they bailed this year (supposedly lack of sales when they were here). For two weeks, the Miss Shirley's food truck has been parked near the Old Courthouse. Last week on Wednesday, this week on Thursday, and supposedly on all future Thursdays (10am-2pm). Yay!!!!!!! FINALLY something to look forward to around here. The County just finished the project to create a public plaza in the core of downtown, yet other than a few random food carts (the usual hotdog sort of thing), the space doesn't see much action.

The Chamber of Commerce started a Tuesday Market a few weeks ago, but honestly it's more lame than the regular Thursday Farmer's Market. If that is even possible. So hooray for Miss Shirley's for taking a chance on us poor folks working in Towson during the week!!!

Jessie and I went out to get some tasty deliciousness again this week and I thought I'd share. Miss Shirley's has fantastic fried green tomatoes. The lemon-herb aioli is good, but the house relish is fantastic.

Jessie also got their famous sweet potato fries, the ones with the insanely good mango ketchup and citrus aioli. She's going to be very pleased that I posted these photos. :)

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