Friday, July 29, 2011


Just a few quick recommendations for things I've tried recently that could be classified as amazeballs.

This candy bar is the best candy bar you'll ever have in your life. I could write more, but that would be a waste of text.

The Haute Dog Carte in Baltimore, on Falls Road at Lake Avenue (next to Bonjour Bakery) is a great place to stop on the weekend for fantastic fare. I'm not a big meat eater. I'm not even a huge fan of hot dogs, but if it looks pretty and smells delicious I'm willing to give it a try. We stopped on a Sunday afternoon after spending a few hours in the heat chasing Henry around the nature playground at Irvine Nature Center.

I had the HD Signature and it was great. I love their method of putting the dog down in the bread and the bacon/onion relish was very tasty (you know how I luurve me some bacon!). We wrangled up the toddler in the back of the truck and had a fun little parking lot picnic.

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