Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Loopy Lou Lou

Just the other day I saw this really cute party garland/bunting (whatever you want to call it) on Pinterest. For a REALLY cute  tea party post on The Sweetest Occasion website.

So, I saw this and can I make this with something besides fabric? Something less expensive? Then I thought of crepe paper streamer. So I went to Party City and got a few rolls in the colors that coordinate with Henry's upcoming birthday party (so yes, this is a post about his birthday party decorations). There were two rolls in a pack, for only a few dollars each. I had a $5 roll of twine from Michaels (I purchased because I was planning to make some sort of garland decoration for the party).

So here is the quick tutorial:
Cut a few strips of the streamer about 14 inches long or so. I did two strips of the same color at a time (you'll see in the finished product photos). Then you make a loop on one side of the twine with your streamer folded in half.

Next you pull the tails of the crepe paper back through your loop to form a little knot. I tried to find a better illustration online but all I found was how to tie this same sort of knot in a scarf. I think it still applies.

Then you gently (just be a little careful until you get the feel of it because the streamer will tear if you pull too hard) pull it through and push it along the twine to the next piece.

Then a mere three days later (I kid! I kid!...only took me an hour to make this one and it's about 8 feet long and I watched a movie while I was doing it), you have this:

I wish the birthday party could be held outside. The garland looks so cute in the trees!

Ooo! It would be the cutest scarf. Now I just need to make two more.


Candy said...

Love this idea! Cute, easy and inexpensive. Can't beat it. Now what do I need to make garland for? Halloween maybe?

Tiff :o) said...

Thanks so much for the idea! I made 100 feet of this for a Whoville Christmas party I'm decorating for. Everyone who has seen it so far has loved it. It took a lot of time but it wasn't difficult. Like you, I was able to watch movies while I worked on it so it wasn't too bad.

Amy Trexler Mantay said...

Glad the garland worked for your party! I love it and I'm going to make it for every party I have in the future.