Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Salsa Roja

My husband came home from the garden with 20 Roma tomatoes the other day. What's a girl to do? A girl looks up salsa recipes on Pinterest.

I found a recipe that sounded great and thought I'd give it a whirl. My husband isn't a fan of chunky salsa, so it's perfect that this is one that gets finely chopped in the food processor.

I didn't photograph the process of making the salsa because the original recipe post  covers all the bases. And in typical fashion, I made some alterations to the recipe. 20 Serrano peppers are a little too much for us (and pretty much anyone I know). So I cut it back to 8 Serrano peppers and added 4 Anaheim peppers. It turned out perfectly. It's the perfect level of spice, not mild but not a hot medium. The only other ingredient you might want to adjust is the cilantro. We like cilantro so when it called for two bunches of cilantro I didn't balk at that suggestion. The bunches I picked up at Wegmans were fairly large bunches. Not those little sprigs you get in the plastic packs in the herb displays. It was probably a good 4 cups of cilantro. If you're not that excited about cilantro, then just cut it back to one bunch. I would definitely make this recipe again (and will probably have to very soon). It made four jars, which I went to the trouble to can. In hindsight that was likely a waste of time, since we managed to polish off a jar in a day and a half.

I did play around with the packaging for fun. I cut little print paper disks to cover the metal lids. Then I took these cute chalkboard labels I bought at Terrain this spring.



faded redhead said...

OMG so delish...........

Erin @ OneParticular Kitchen said...

ADORABLE labels! Glad you liked. :)