Friday, September 30, 2011

Kind of like Autumn

What with the warm temperatures and humidity, it's really not feeling like autumn here. Sort of like autumn in Charleston perhaps, but without the general awesomeness that is the Low Country. So I'm trying to get in the mood a little, so I dragged out my Fall and Halloween decorations. I even pinned a bunch of cute ideas on Pinterest, but it's hard to get all worked up about hot cider and sweaters when you get all sweaty walking out to your car. Also, I would like to note that getting photos of the outside of my house has been almost impossible what with the constant rain....SINCE AUGUST. Oh well, maybe conditions will improve soon.

For now, I'm keeping it low key on the front porch. I plan to add a few more pumpkins when it gets a little cooler. I was afraid they'd rot away to nothing in two weeks if I bought them now. The moisture and the heat would for sure reduce them to a shriveled mess.

Looks kind of dreary. Oh and apparently we need to cut the grass....AGAIN.

I love my vintage flower stand. I've painted it a million different colors and I love to use it to hold those tiny pumpkins in the Fall. 
I like to throw some Spanish moss into the mix in the Fall. My spanish moss is looking a little wet and wilted from the rain, but that's an easily remedied situation (hello Spanish moss in bags at the Dollar Tree!). I usually add it to all my pots on the front porch.

I've had this wreath for a few years. I think it's from Michael's or Target. It's kind of like having a turkey or maybe a rooster on your door....deconstructed and what-not. I'm glad you have that visual now. You can thank me later.

Inside, I just tossed out a few things here and there into my existing decor.

This year I put my Halloween chick in the kitchen with a few blinged out pumpkins, because he's hip like that. I found Sir Hot Mess at Tinsel Trading Company in NYC a few years ago (the pumpkins are from Michaels).

This is the feather wreath I used to put on my front door before I painted it a charcoal grey. I still love this wreath, so now I just hang it on the inside of the kitchen door.

In the living room, I just added a few pumpkins to the bookcase and a really cool retro letterpress card I found at Tinsel Trading, and then framed.

Maybe I should have named this post, Things I Bought at Tinsel Trading Company. Yep, that little glittered leaf is from there too.

In my apothecary jars, I switched out the sand and shells for some bleached moss (Pottery Barn) and a few little glittery spiders from Michael's.

Nothing is scarier than a glittery spider.
 Since I don't have a fireplace, and thus no mantle to decorate, the top of my entertainment cabinet serves that purpose. It looks all mantle-y, yes? That's a technical decorating term, I'm sure. I found that really cool honeycomb-looking mercury glass vase at HomeGoods and filled it with tiny red leafed branches I found at.....not Tinsel Trading...but Michael's.

So there you go. I hope you feel all inspired to run out and buy some glittery spiders, maybe some moss, and if you're lucky perhaps you'll find a Halloween chick with a top hat.

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