Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Since November, I've been going to Lifeline Power Yoga here in Towson. I am very excited to have a place that I can walk to during lunch to exercise (since I no longer have time in the evening or weekends). I LOVE the Hour of Power class. It's hot. It's sweaty. You get all bendy and stretchy. It's fantastic, and yes I do shower before I come back to work. I have gone to yoga classes off and on for 10 years and taken other classes that incorporate yoga into a "flow" with tai chi and pilates. My favorite part about this new Hour of Power class (other than my newly pumped up arm muscles) are all the new poses I've learned--

I've been doing lots of new half and full binds in this class that I never really did before (if we did a bind it was only a half bind):

The prayer twist:

This side plank with an extended leg. Today we extended it out in front of your body and then twisted around in a high plank and turned to extend it in the opposite direction.

Crow pose.

Bird of paradise.
It's really fun as far as exercise goes. I just remember when I started a few years ago in a flow-based class I could barely do all the sun salutations!

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