Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summertime Blues

So, I was out doing a bit of garden maintenance in my front yard this evening...just triming back a few things; watering some flowers that have gone wilty in the sun; enjoying the smell of the lavender plants as I keep brushing up against them. While out there toiling in the heat, I was reminded of a few photos I took back in June when the lavender plants were in full bloom. They were so very lovely. They still smell quite lovely but the blooms are gone. The bees did enjoy them this year, which I suppose is very good for their lavender flavored honey factory.

My basil seems fairly happy but it's not quite as robust as other basil plants I've had in years past. We'll see what August brings, since that's when I seem to get the most growth out of them.

Not in the front yard, but in the back by my kitchen window. I can't seem to get any plants to find a happy home in this little window/wall planter. It gets too dry too quickly and stays fairly warm from the brick wall. So I thought I'd give succulents a least they're still alive.


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Candy said...

So how long has Kirk wanted to become a beekeeper and harvest the lavendar honey?