Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Sadie Priss

While I haven't had much time this summer, I did try to add some new jewelry pieces to my Summer 08 Sadie Priss collection. I haven't made new pendants since earlier in the summer, but I did get inspired to make use of some of the many beads and findings that are collecting in my Sadie Priss sweatshop. I made a few necklace and earring sets, a new variety of beaded pendants, and some various beaded earrings. I found some really cute stuff in NYC back in June, including (finally) some affordable crab charms!! Earrings are $10, Necklaces $15, Beaded pendants, $12.

1 comment:

rodndtube said...


Hi, the earrings with the beads have been the best sellers. I will have to get some more from you and give you your $$$.

See you saturday!!!