Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Summer 08

I keep seeing all of this really pretty Greek and seashore inspired things for summer. So I got a little inspired and started working on some new projects for myself and for the Sadie Priss summer collection.

I thought I'd give a charm bracelet a whirl. I like the bracelets that are pretty chunky and colorful. This is just the test run. I'm making a similar long necklace that I hope to add to this post soon.I found some neat starfish charms that I thought would be cute on earrings. I need to re-shoot these though...it was late at night and natural light would be much better. The brown circle beads are very pretty and look like tortoseshell. The long green bead necklace also needs to be re-photographed. The beads are pretty chunky and cool.

Here are some cute little crab pillows (I do live in Maryland after all...) that I made for my deck. After I made them, I thought...hmmm...wouldn't they be cute in pink and green? But then that would require me to re-paint all of my deck chairs and make new pillows to coordinate (I currently have a red, yellow, blue color scheme going on). Oh well. I am considering re-painting my kitchen so that will have to do for now.

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