Sunday, September 16, 2007


This weekend (and for the next week or so) we're dog-sitting. Roan and Harry could really care less about each other. They do, however, care that I make them go outside from time to time. They are more of the couch-potato types. Harry also has a special passion for staring at himself for long periods of time in my vanity mirror.

While the puppies were busy staring at me and being sad that I wasn't playing with them, I managed to get a few craft projects done. Here are two autumn pins I made for fun. I also finished two more cup cozy designs (see that earlier cup cozy posting...I just added them there). I started on a sewing project that is much fussier than I had anticipated. And I also almost completed some early autumn Sadie Priss pendants....perhaps they'll be done later this week.

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