Saturday, August 25, 2007

German Expressionism Film Party

Yeah, yeah. Don't ask. It was Kirk's idea, this whole German Expressionism Film Party. For a quick refresher course:
That pretty much sums up the mood for the evening. A bit of text from the invitation:
Please join us for an evening reminiscent of Berlin during the Golden
Twenties. It will be a beautiful and angular gathering of friends.

Arrive any time after 6:00pm, as long as you arrive by 5:59 pm. The viewing of the
magnificently tiresome film, “Begotten”, will begin at 6:66pm. This will be
followed by viewings of additional films which are replete with splendid agony.
Germanic fare, the only truly edible cuisine in the World, will provided for the pleasure of fulfilling your gastronomic fantasies.
Arriving in appropriate period dress, or attire that allows you to express your own “mise en scene”, is required.
There will be intelligence tests for all guests. Winners will get prizes. Losers must leave.
It promises to be an evening of madness and insanity for all!
Everybody knows that every night Berlin wakes to a new adventure. Everybody feels that it would be a pity to go to bed before the expected, or the unexpected, happens
Everyone knows that next morning, whatever happens, they will feel reborn....

The evening started fairly innocently, with a home-made soundtrack playing to some lovely atomic bomb testing footage. We moved later to actually viewing Begotten, which was followed by two games and then the movie "M". German fare was enjoyed by all, as well as a large amount of beer and a surprisingly large amount of absinthe.

Notable quotes:
"What is that?" (common while watching Begotten)
"Why is she rubbing herself with the dead man's sperm?" (Amanda while watching Begotten...the PG version of the actual quote)
"I don't think you can breathe in this thing." (uttered while wearing the gas mask)
"I think my head is on fire." (Kirk's second round of absinthe)
"I've only been seeing double for about the past 30 minutes, that's not bad, right?" (Amanda...about 30 minutes after her last round of absinthe)
"Now is the time we get out our spandex pants and dance like robots." (Amy after Jason puts in one of his CDs).

General photos of the Party Peeps:

NOW IS THE TIME WHEN WE DANCE (or party game time):

One of the gifts during game time was this tender morsel... Ah, how Germans do love their gas masks.

And yes, we had cupcakes. They are very German. They have clowns. Clowns are scary and I'm sure of German origin.

Yes, now time for the Absinthe...

So tasty and delicious...

Things that happen after you drink absinthe:
Of course there were party favors. A little Musik to help you party like a german baby.

After everyone left, this is what happened to Kirk:


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