Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mod Batman Birthday Party

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na.....BATMAN!

I know...I know.....It's way overdue, but here are the details from my son's 3rd birthday party back in September.

Here are the invitations. They are currently available online in my etsy store.  I wanted a more modern, customized take on the standard Batman design. I played with the colors a little to get something a little lighter and brighter than the usual bold blue, black, and yellow.

 I bought the A4 Pochette from Paper Presentation in black, lined it with black dot paper and mounted the invitation inside. I printed custom stickers for the outside of the pouchette to hold it closed.

I also purchased the outer blue envelopes from Paper Presentation. I loved these invitations!!! Are they cute or what? How am I going to top these next year?

The decorations from the party...

I found this number "3" letter, already white, at Hobby Lobby. I just stapled ribbon to the back for hanging and printed a Bat Signal to glue onto the front.

I designed a few 18x24 signs that I printed and mounted onto foam core board. The cupcakes were from a local grocery story, Graul's. They always come through for me! I take a design and the ladies in their bakery replicate it exactly. I've used it for all of Henry's birthday parties with great results!

I always knew one day I'd find the perfect party to match my favorite Fishs Eddy dishes!

The black zig-zag bags also came from Paper Presentation. I used the for the favors and just attached a label to the front.

The favor bag contained fruit snacks and some basic Batman items I found at Party City.

I also printed some of the graphics at a small scale and framed them as subtle decorations in the living room and dining room.

Each child at the party got their own Bat cape and mask. I purchased the masks at Party City, but made the capes. I used blue plastic table cloths and adhesive velcro. I just traced out the shape, based on a cape my son already had, and simply cut it out of the tablecloth. Then I just stuck the velcro, which I cut into squares, at the neck of the cape. Honestly, this was a total trial effort with the capes. I fully expected the velcro to never hold, or hold for a little while and then peel off. It never happened. That stuff is surprisingly strong...and sticky!!!!!

I also converted the basement into a make-shift Bat Cave.

And finally, a few photos from the party!!!!

The birthday boy enjoying his cupcake!!

Batman was more than happy to pose in full costume for his thank you card!!!!!!

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