Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumn Earrings

Taking inspiration from two new Fall scarves I recently purchased (one on sale at Target and one at Nordstrom Rack), I pulled out my jewelry supplies and made a few new pairs of earrings. A few to sell, a few for upcoming birthday gifts.

I found this really pretty pumpkin colored scarf at Nordstrom Rack last week. 

I really love using these long kidney wire earrings. Some people don't like them because the earrings are too long. I have a mix of sizes so I did a few of the standard long ones (1.5 inch) and a few using shorter ones (1 inch), that I purchased off Etsy a few years ago. On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I came across these metal findings that look very organic and stem-like so I thought they'd be perfect with Fall colors.

I purchased this really cute leopard print scarf off the clearance rack at Target for $9.99! I like that it's light weight and a girl can always use a little leopard print and it's very popular right now!

I did a pair playing up the browns.

And then with the black.

I love them all! How am I going to give them away or sell them? Good thing I made two sets of each. :)

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