Monday, August 15, 2011

As the Kitchen Turns...

After I managed to get the dining room squared away, I finally got back to my bigger problem...the kitchen. I painted it a bright yellow two years ago, about the time I ordered new living room furniture. I intended to attempt a bit more of a "mod" or Crate and Barrel style, and a little less Pottery Barn style. Those plans didn't quite work out, due to lack of money to some extent and the fact, that at heart, I think I'm a Pottery Barn girl after all. So here is the kitchen in all of it's before lemon yellow glory. With the white cabinets and white tile floor I kept things simple and just added in black (in addition to all the rest of the mess here and there. Despite all my efforts to clean beforehand, I thought the BEFORE photo would look so much more icky if I took photos of the place looking like something on the Hoarders tv show. For those who haven't been to my house, I have a 1940s rowhouse with a TINY kitchen. It's like a dollhouse kitchen. There are few cabinets, even less counterspace, and a tiny space between the fridge and pantry to squeeze through to even get into the space. On top of that, between the size and the tile floor (that white tile, cabinets, countertop, etc. were not my idea...they were here  when we bought the place) make for a very hot room in the summer when I turn on the stove or oven. Nice in the winter, but not so much in the summer.

Oooo. All gross and messy.
You can start to see the paint samples on the wall as I was starting to test out colors. 

So, here is the AFTER. The color, of course, reads in these photos more orange than it is. The paint is Behr Morrocan Sky. I wanted to bring in some of the persimmon color from the living room and this color matched the closest. I found lots of earthy inspiration at Anthropologie and Terrain earlier this summer and was inspired by the mix of colors like persimmon and terra cotta with natural colors and textures like slate and wood and white.

On this wall, I added some open shelves (very popular right now). I originally had just two shelves in this location so I added one more. I found some fun art online that I framed. Most of the other items such as the bowls and white dishes I already had. I inherited a nice set of never used French linen kitchen towels from the 1940s  (in basket on top shelf) that tie in quite nicely.
Even though I loved it, I got rid of the black and white print rug. It was fairly dirty and I didn't feel like it was adding anything to the room (other than something else for me to clean). I found the cool wire piece, hanging next to the window, at the summer tag sale at Terrain. I just stuck a few recipes I've been recently using up there for the moment.
I love my little peel and stick chalkboard so that went back up after repainting. I use it as a calendar.
This view still isn't the best but not much I can do about that. I just have to hope people never look up. Also, this photo is not crooked. My house is crooked. The floor slopes from the front of the fridge back toward the sink.
I added the press tin backsplash when we first moved in. You can get the panels at Home Depot or Lowes and they come with really strong tape. The original backsplash is white laminate like the countertops . It has been up for about 7 years with no problem. 


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faded redhead said...

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