Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fun in Annapolis

We took a quick little afternoon trip down to Annapolis today and had more fun than expected. Living fairly close, we go down there pretty regularly but haven't had a chance to go into downtown in awhile. After an early dinner at Ram's Head Tavern we took a stroll down Main Street where I found two VERY Amy-tastic snack locations....The first was Nostalgia Cupcakes. I must say that I found these cupcakes to be much better than the ones I've had here in Baltimore at Charm City Cupcakes or Baltimore Cupcake. Perhaps it's a good thing I can't get a good cupcake very close to my house. Could be very dangerous.

Good things always come in boxes wrapped in bakers twine.

We got two of the Chocolate City, I got a red velvet, and Kirk got the peanut butter--to go.

For our more immediate after-dinner entertainment we went to Yofiore, a new fro-yo place in Annapolis. Of course it wasn't as good as the places I've been in NYC but still much better than the one fro-yo place located here in Baltimore.

I didn't take the photos below (you can find them here) but the store was very cute inside!

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