Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A short summer trip to NYC

Just a few photos from my most recent weekend trip to NYC (June 26-28, 2009). Since I had such a short visit, I hit most of my regular places--so there aren't the usual mass numbers of photos. I did take a few along the way, of new places and discoveries in the City.
A neat window display at Fishs Eddy. Iconic NYC buildings built out of flatware. A nice sunset Friday evening. Taken from the East Village.
Street vendors in SoHo.
Typical cast iron facades in SoHo.

The High Line park FINALLY opened this month. Click here for more information on The High Line.

I didn't get a chance to go up to the park. I was VERY disappointed. I guess since it just opened there were lots of other folks interested in the park too. It was at capacity and there was an hour wait!
One of the Greenstreets in Chelsea.

Some neat older buildings in Chelsea.

Billy's Bakery in Chelsea. A great place for a snack after a walk on the High Line.

And this guy has the BEST job ever. People watching while icing cupcakes.

A photo of ever-growing self south of Union Square.
A neat little place on the Upper West Side called "Pomander Walk". A collection of historic houses built in the 1920s. They share a lovely common garden that is on the interior of the block. I tried to get photos but wasn't successful. You can find some online if you search. It's a very neat little spot.

Some photos taken around the Harlem Meer in the northeast corner of Central Park.

Kirk fishing on Sunday morning.

This kid has a sweet ride!

Sometimes you have to walk your dog at the park, as well as your bird (which was also on a leash).

The Conservatory Garden, just south of the Harlem Meer in Central Park. The only formal garden in the park, was built in the 1930s.
View of the Garden through the Vanderbilt gates from 5th Avenue.

The Vanderbilt gates frame the entrance to the Conservatory Garden from 5th Avenue. The gates originally stood at the courtyard to Cornelius Vanderbilt's chateau on 5th Avenue, known as the grandest home of the Gilded Age.

Another photo of me (there usually aren't this many but apparently my condition lends itself to photography) in front of the Museum of the City of New York. A GREAT museum to visit and a little off the beaten path.
Outside the Museum of Natural History.
Additional photos from the Upper West Side....I liked this little house among the larger buildings.

Neat wisteria growing on this house. Wasn't in bloom yet, but that would be very pretty!

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